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Dental Care

As we all know we should brush our teeth at least twice a day to keep them healthy. But did we know that we should brush our pets teeth regularly as well?


As early as 2 years of age 80% of dogs and 70% of cats can show some signs of dental disease. This is caused by a build up of tartar, which is laid down over time from food. Obviously if your pet is not getting any treatment for their teeth then this build up is inevitable.


Overcrowding of teeth can also be a problem. Smaller breeds of dogs are more likely to suffer from this and it can predispose them to dental disease.


If left too long the plaque and tartar can lead to gingivitis - a painful condition of inflamed gums. This can damage the supporting structures of the teeth which can lead to loss of teeth.


Any infection in the teeth would be caused by bacteria and therefore is the main culprit for bad breath, and also bacteria can enter into the bloodstream and spread to vital organs such as heart, liver and kidneys.


Signs to look out for


Bad breath.

Bleeding gums.

Pawing at mouth.

Build up of tartar.

Loose teeth.



A regular visit to us could help determine dental disease. During annual vaccinations or routine check ups. We can look for signs of gum and tooth damage and determine, whether any treatment is necessary such as a routine scale and polish +/- extractions. Both these procedures can only be performed under general anaesthetic.


The procedures are carried in exactly the same way as your dentist or hygienist.


Following this treatment good oral hygiene could help this reoccurring.


This can be using special pet toothpaste massaged onto the gum, or applied using a toothbrush (Do not use human prepared toothpaste). There are also special diets that can be used with abrasive biscuits.


Please telephone or make an appointment and we can provide you with information on dental care, brushing, the correct toothpaste, diets and the possibility that your pet may need a scale and polish.

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