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Diagnostic Services

Diagnostic equipment will often be recommended by your vet to help establish what disease process might be affecting your pet.


We have a modern direct digital radiography suite.  This means that our patients can have radiographs of the highest possible quality with an almost immediate image display, meaning they are not under anaesthetic/sedation for as long as they might be with 'normal' x-ray machines.


In addition it is now possible to link the computerised x-rays into the patient records, so that anyone treating your pet has immediate access to the images.




We have a modern ultrasound machine at the hospital, one of our vets is carrying out a further qualification in veterinary ultrasonography and we can offer simple scans for pregnancy diagnosis and free fluid checks plus more in depth abdominal and cardiac scanning.  If your pet requires an ultrasound scan they may be referred within the practice to our colleague.


Please contact the practice for further advice and an appointment.




We are proud to have a video endoscope machine at the hospital. This is a delicate and expensive instrument combining a light source, which is used for visual examination of the interior of a body cavity or hollow organ. It provides a non-invasive means of viewing and obtaining tissue samples from a variety of body organs.


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