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Insurance Claims

We are of course very happy to treat insured animals, and recommend pet insurance to all of our clients. While we would prefer that clients pay us directly and then make a claim to their insurance company, we are willing to accept payment directly from an insurance company for claims that exceed £320.


Once the client part of the claim form is completed it should be passed to us and we will complete the form and send it to the insurance company, with a copy to the client. As a courtesy we will usually do this free of charge, but will make a charge of £10 per form if the claim is less than £100. Insurance companies will not normally accept liability for this charge.


If the account of an insured animal is not settled at the time of treatment, reminders and statements will be routinely sent in the usual way.


We will routinely send these reminders so that you are aware of the balance of your account, and so can sort out the matter with your insurance company. Please don't be offended! The insurance companies are not allowed to discuss your affairs with us, and so we send you frequent statements so that you know if the claim has not been settled.